Monday, November 10, 2014

More skull bones - and proof of a second skull

I think I have mentioned that I've pulled a few bones out of a different block because I'm tired of working on the original block. It's been almost 2 years now, and although it's productive some change is needed.
Anyway, I've taken all the surface bones out of the second block. Out of 8 bones there appears to be 3 fragments of skull, 3 backbones (centrums) and 2 unknown fragments.

This is really great! I can't place two of the 2 skull fragments, but the third fragment tells me we have not one but two skulls of Thalattosaurs present. Take a look at this pair:
 I have to admit that it's clearer in real life than the pictures.

The bone on the left is part of the left hand side of the skull we already have. It fits pretty well to the right side of the skull we've been copying. The bone at the right appears to be part of the same part of the skull - left side, broken along the midline, just in front of the pineal gland. I think that makes it the frontal. Now we have two of these bones, showing that we have parts of two skulls. The new bone is also larger - the outline below on the left bone is what the right bone is. So perhaps the second skull is larger than the first skull.
 Since we thought we have multiple individuals from the humeri of different sizes, this isn't a real surprise - but it is still good news. So we just keep digging to find more bones.

We have also had a nice review of the work being done at Century high school by two seniors. Here's a link to the online article - hope it's permanent. The Oregonian Online - The Oldest Bones in Oregon

Sincerely, Greg Carr

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