Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A box of bones off to Alaska - and yet another Braincase

Work at the prep lab at OMSI continued this fall. I was teaching a lot, so I could only work at OMSI one day a week. I began to take the prep work 'home' to finish up the bones. In November I was lucky enough to get a lightly-used PaloTools #1 air scribe for a good discount from someone selling it on Ebay. Tools from PaleoTools almost never come up on Ebay - everyone keeps using them, I guess.
I have also gone back into the inventory at the OMSI display case to ship a set of neural arches up to Alaska. They generally have small delicate psrts to them if they weren't broken during fossilization. Some of them I had to finish up with the PaleoTool#1 as it is more delicate than the ones we have at OMSI.

So here are the pictures: A set of 3 centrums plus a Radius ( so I've been told) on the block being removed.

And here it the Box 'O Bones I'll be sending to Alaska - 4 centrums, 8 neural arches, one Radius, and one more skull fragment. This skull fragment, like many others, is from around the Pineal gland / brain area. This must be a particularily tough piece of the skull as we have 4 fragments that contain that section.

Last of all, I am currently working on yet another Braincase - this makes Six (6)!
You can't really tell from the photos, but it is broken through the main body and there is only about 1/3 - 1/4 of the case left. . That's OK as it will let me prep  the brain mold internals plus all available nerve passages. The brown object is a life-size 3D print of one of the complete braincases. Very complex bones!

Sincerely, Greg Carr

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